Benefits of goat milk for your skin

Benefits of goat milk for your skin

I am often asked why to use goat's milk on your skin. There are so many reasons, so I thought I'd list them out in case you're interested too!
  • Rich in nutrients
  • Gently cleanses
  • Naturally exfoliates
  • Supports a healthy microbiome 
  • Repairs skin tissues
  • Reduces inflammation

How do I create my products?

All of the milk used in the products I sell comes from my own goats.

The goats are milked by hand, by me, or using my small portable milker. The milk is then frozen for later use.

The milking process is very relaxed - they are milked just once a day and still keep their kids with them.

Once I have enough milk in the freezer for the following year, the goats are dried off until the next breeding season.

Learn more about me, my goats, and how Green Oaks Nubians came to be, here.

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